Fake Collection Calls

It has come to our attention that people around the U.S. are receiving calls from “collectors” purporting to be employees of Instant Cash Advance Corporation. These calls are happening across the country, from Alaska to New York.

We would like to notify you that if you received one of these calls, it was most likely a scam. We apologize for the confusion and we are actively investigating the occurrences.

In the meantime, if you receive one of these calls and any of the following is true, please gather as much information as possible and send it to – scamalert@instantcashmi.com

  1.  If you have never resided in the state of Michigan, the call is a scam. We only do business with Michigan residents.
  2.  If the call originates from any state other than Michigan, it’s not from INSTANT CASH ADVANCE Corporation and is a scam. We only have offices in the State of Michigan.
  3. Caller threatens any kind of criminal prosecution – for example “The police will be notified and will be knocking on your door.”

Other folks have called the scammers bluff and tell them to go ahead and collect.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How did they have my personal information? – Most likely you requested a payday or personal loan from a fictitious company online at some point – unfortunately, you probably gave it to them.
  2. Why do they use the INSTANT CASH ADVANCE CORP Name? We have a web presence – they most likely found our web site, and see people can find us on Google – so it makes the scammer look legitimate.
  3. Do you prosecute people criminally for delinquent cash advances? No, Instant Cash Advance Corp. only makes loans in the State of Michigan. As a means of last resort, we would only use Michigan civil courts, never criminal.